Michelle Hall Slim Angel Story

Michelle H.



Age: 44

Height:  5’7″


Weight loss  of 10.2 pounds vs. starting and ending weight.




starting BUST -39 1/4″

ending BUST –  38 1/2″


starting WAIST – 30″

ending WAIST –  28″


starting HIPS – 42″

ending HIPS –  41″


starting MID-THIGH – 24 1/2″

ending MID-THIGH –  22 1/2″


I took 2 Slim Angels in the morning w my coffee and then did my daily workout. I then took 1 Slim Angel before lunch & 1 Slim Angel before dinner.  The Slim Angel definately curbed my appetite and therefore I really saw results when I took them before my meals.  I did not feel any jitters with the Slim Angel, even when taking with my morning coffee.  I could really tell a difference in my increased focus and appetite control.  I did have to take them with an entire glass of water as I would get heartburn or burpy if not washed down enough.



Overall I had an AMAZING experience with this Slim Angel Challenge.  I benefited greatly from Michelle’s diet tips and workouts.  I found everything she suggested to be very helpful and extremely informative.  I saw HUGE changes in my body over the 28 days and more importantly, I FEEL the changes.  I am on a journey that is just getting started and this Challenge has showed me one of the most important elements that has been missing in my journey up to this point….CONSISTENCY!!  That is the KEY to my success.  I loved being accountable for my eats and workouts.  I finally saw all my hard work pay off when I stayed consistent in both of those areas.


This 28 day Slim Angel Challenge, along with Michelle’s training and the support of the Rally Room, has literally changed my LIFE!  I have come SO FAR in just 28 days.  I am truly amazed and grateful!!  I am so determined and inspired to continue on this journey and to get after my GOALS with a Positive Attitude and a Strong Mind & Body!  I feel like I can finally become the Woman I feel like I am on the inside!!  This Challenge may have ended, but this is just the BEGINNING for me!


Much Love & Thanks to all of you!!

Michelle Hall