Pure Angel


30 Servings (90 Veggie Capsules)
Key Attributes:
  • Encourages daily regularity
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Fast results
  • Only 3 veggie capsules per day

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Product Description

Some women wrongly proclaim themselves “FAT”. For many, that puffy belly may not be fat at all, but instead accumulated feces in the digestive tract. Unless you have a high fiber diet, chances are you have lots of thick buildup in your gastrointestinal tract. It’s sometimes difficult to keep your system functioning smoothly with many of the highly processed foods that we consume on a daily basis. Processed foods can be very rough for your body to handle and excrete properly. Pure Angel™ can help!

Pure Angel™ discretely and gently helps your body’s digestive tract remain in a healthy equilibrium where it can flush out foods that are hard on the body while simultaneously being overly discrete. With Pure Angel™ you won’t have one of those embarrassing moments where you find yourself needing to run to the women’s room stat!

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