Vital Angel


30 Servings (60 Tablets)
Key Attributes:
  • Superior vitamin & mineral forms
  • Digestion complex
  • Skin, hair and nail complex
  • Look radiant
  • Scored tablets for easy cutting
  • Only 2 tablets per day

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Product Description

Up until now a woman’s multivitamin simply meant it had added iron and maybe something to address menstrual cramps. Active women want and need more than the average vitamin that is supposedly created with them in mind. A multivitamin needs to not only address the nutritional requirements of the modern woman, but should go one step further to accomplish other daily desires. Vital Angel™ achieves just that; it combines a top notch multivitamin, using the very best vitamin and mineral forms, as well as a digestion complex and beauty complex.

The Digest It All Complex helps address cramping and bloating sometimes associated with protein and other food consumption. The Skin, Hair & Nails Perfection Complex will help keep the beautiful features you work so hard on while you toil away in the gym and throughout your day.

Vital Angel™ is the perfect supplement for today’s modern, on the go, woman who cares not only about being healthy, but looking healthy as well!

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